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Women’s Health Plus is a trusted and valued place of community, comfort and care, providing women's health services and aesthetic medicine in Adelaide and across South Australia for more than 16 years. We offer highly personalised care, and all the members of our team work hard to create an environment that is at all times supportive, friendly and empathetic.

At Women’s Health Plus, we work with you as co-managers of your care. The expertise of our practitioners and the variety of services that we are able to offer means that we can provide advice and treatment in all areas of women’s health and aesthetic medicine.

Our extensive range of women's health services includes gynaecology, along with medical laser treatment (for prolapse, incontinence, vaginal rejuvenation & painful sex) and Neotonus Chair therapy. We specialise in Urodynamics testing, as well as care and treatment for pelvic organ prolapsecontinence mattersbladder and bowel issues, endometriosis, fibroids, pelvic pain and fertility.

We also provide an extensive range of aesthetic procedures, such as anti-wrinkle injections and fillers, as well as laser treatment for skin rejuvenation, pigmentation, warts and vascular lesions, toe nail fungal infection, scar reduction, acne, hair removal, stretch marks and other skin conditions.

We place a strong emphasis on natural results and will involve you in the decision making process to achieve this safely and effectively.

Our fully-equipped medical and cosmetic centre enables us to perform gynaecology, laser and aesthetic procedures on site, making your treatment more convenient and accessible.


Our Women’s Health Plus specialist has admission rights at North Eastern Community HospitalBurnside Hospital, Women’s and Children’s Hospital, Calvary North Adelaide Hospital and most other private hospitals in Adelaide.

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women's health plus prides itself on providing personalised and holistic care.

Although we are an east Adelaide medical and cosmetic centre, we provide care for women from all over the metropolitan area and regional South Australia. Many are happy to travel across the city and beyond because they feel comfortable and at ease in our care, and are confident that we will provide them with the right information and options, leaving them fully informed about any proposed treatment or procedure.

Women’s Health Plus prides itself on providing personalised and holistic care. We always strive to be as accommodating as possible, especially for those who have travelled from outside of Adelaide for tests or treatment.

This includes helping patients from outside of the metropolitan area complete PATS forms for assistance with travel costs, or in completing Continence Aids Payment Scheme applications.

Patients value our friendly, helpful and knowledgeable team, who all have tertiary level degrees in health, meaning consistency in the quality of care we provide is guaranteed, from the moment the patient walks through the door. This is why we have fostered so many long-standing and ongoing relationships over the years, with everyone made to feel a part of the team.

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