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neotonus chair

Women’s Health Plus specialises in providing Neotonus Chair therapy for women with a variety of incontinence issues at our east Adelaide medical centre. A Neotonus Chair provides non-surgical and non-invasive therapy for pelvic floor dysfunction, including pelvic organ prolapse, as well as urinary and faecal incontinence.

The therapy uses electromagnetic stimulation to target the muscles of the pelvic floor that control continence. During the therapy, you sit fully clothed in a comfortable chair while a magnetic pulse is directed at the perineal area. This stimulates electrical activity in the pelvic nerves, causing the pelvic floor muscles to contract and relax with each pulse. This has the effect of strengthening your pelvic floor muscles (in a way similar to Kegel exercises), which ultimately helps to restore bladder and bowel control.

There is no pain or discomfort during Neotonus Chair therapy; instead, you will feel only a slight vibration or tapping, and the sensation of your pelvic floor muscles contracting.

After a therapy session, your pelvic floor muscles may feel a little tired, as you might after a light workout, but otherwise it is a painless procedure.


Many women find Neotonus Chair therapy preferable to other forms of treatment because it exercises the pelvic floor muscles more comprehensively than they could do on their own.


A Neotonus Chair therapy session consists of two 10-minute phases, with a two-minute break in between. We generally recommend that you undergo two of these sessions a week for a period of 8 to 10 weeks. For most women, this will minimise incontinence significantly, while in some cases the therapy may need to be repeated periodically.

We specialise in Adelaide Neotonus Chair therapy and are always happy to try to arrange suitable appointment times that fit in with your schedule.

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