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veins & vescular lesions

veins & vascular lesions

With state-of-the-art technology, we have seen an increased use of laser treatments in routine procedures and medical treatments. Many individuals are opting for the non-invasive removal of many types of vascular concerns of the face and body.

Our Fotona's SP Dynamis long pulse Nd:YAG laser is highly drawn to the haemoglobin present in the blood vessels. This makes laser a highly effective treatment as it safely penetrates to a depth of 5-6 mm into the skin.

How does laser treatment work on veins & vascular lesions?

What can be treated?

  • Rosacea

  • Telangiectasias (spider veins)

  • Angiomas (e.g. cherry angioma)

  • Haemangiomas (benign cluster of blood vessels)

Spider Veins

Spider veins are characterised by small, thread like blood vessels visible on the surface of the skin. Spider veins develop when the valves fail to function adequately and are unable to maintain in-directional flow, resulting in blood pooling and increased pressure within the vein.

A number of factors predispose individuals to spider veins, such as:

  • Obesity

  • Heredity

  • Certain occupations

  • Hormonal influences of pregnancy, puberty and menopause

The Fotona SP Dynamis Laser system is among the most advanced technological options available for the treatment of veins and vascular lesions. The targeted chromophore for vascular lesions is intravascular oxyhemoglobin; thus, thermal damage is largely restricted to cutaneous blood vessels.


The energy from the laser is absorbed by the blood in the vein, converted into heat, and the vein walls are subsequently destroyed. In comparison with other wavelengths, which mainly affect the surface layers of a lesion, Nd:YAG light also targets the underlying vascular feeding system, which is important for ensuring the long-term efficacy of the treatment. This process is perfectly safe as other healthy veins supply blood to the treated area and the body’s immune system clears away the dead tissue just as with a bruise.

veins and vescular lesions

Scientific and Clinical Research Case Studies:

Saphenous Vein Occlusion by Endovenous Laser Ablation (EVLA) with a 1064 nm VSP Nd:YAG Laser. Šikovec A. Journal of the Laser and Health Academy, Vol. 2010. No. 1. Read Full Text.

Additional Resources: visit the Laser and Health Academy* website for additional information about medical laser treatments that can be performed with Fotona laser systems.


Please note you must always undergo a thorough initial assessment by the Doctor to discuss your condition and the available management options, including their potential benefit and harm, prior to commencing any treatment.

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