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Chemical peel

chemical peel

Our chemical peel treatment

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A chemical peel is a skin resurfacing treatment involving the application of a chemical agent or a combination of chemical agents to remove dead skin cells. This results in exfoliation and regeneration of the skin.

It improves texture, colour and surface abnormalities and is designed to correct a variety of problems including sun damage, acne, mild scarring, removal of fine lines, soften wrinkles and improvements in pigmentation and melasma.

There are several types of chemical peels to suit different skin conditions and patient concerns. Chemical peels fall under categories of superficial, medium and deep depending on the depth of the skin that the peel is able to penetrate.

Pre-treatment requirements

A serum containing the key ingredient of the peel may be recommended for 2 weeks to allow the skin to become accustomed to the ingredients before the full strength chemical peel is performed. Please ensure prior to treatment that you:

  • Do not use abrasive or irritating substances 5 days before the peel

  • Avoid prolonged sun exposure or tanning beds

  • Do not colour bleach, use depilatory or shave the treatment area (24-48hours)

  • Avoid dermabrasion or ultrasound peels or any other procedures that disturb the dermal epidermal layer such as radiofrequency diathermy etc. 3 weeks prior to peel

  • Avoid dermal filler, anti- wrinkle injection or tattoos 2 weeks prior to peel

  • Avoid laser treatments on the face 1 week prior

What to expect

During a chemical peel treatment there will be skin cleansing and preparation followed by application of the peel. After the peel is removed hydrating ingredients will be applied to heal the skin. The treatment time is approximately 30 - 45 minutes.

We usually start off with a low strength peel in order to assess your skin tolerance to the peel. You will feel slight tingling or burning when the peel is applied. Once the peel is removed this sensation will subside.

The number of treatments you will need will depend on your skin condition and type of peel. Typically 4-6 treatments are required, 2-4 weeks apart.

​After care instructions will be provided. Antibiotics, anti-viral drugs may be given if needed. Follow-up visits will be organised. Please avoid sunlight and use adequate SPF.

Please avoid swimming pool, sauna, and strenuous activity for up to 48 hours post treatment. Avoid direct sun exposure/solariums for 5 to 10 days post procedure. Sun protection and SPF 50+ mandatory. Waxing and hair removal procedures should be avoided for 7 to 14 days post procedure. Facial treatments are not advised for a minimum of 14 days post procedure.

Normal skincare can resume 7 to 10 days after the peel. Please maintain results with a healthy skin care maintenance program.

Side effects of chemical peels can vary from peel to peel due to the difference of ingredients, and depth of penetration etc. Due to the chemical exfoliation effect, side effects may include redness and swelling, scaling, scabs, changes to skin texture. Acne prone patients will almost always flare up. Herpes reactivation can occur. Rarely, post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation; very rarely, hypopigmentation. Rarely allergy or infection leading to scarring may occur.


Please note you must always undergo a thorough initial assessment by the Doctor or Dermal Therapist to discuss your condition and the available management options, including their potential benefit and harm, prior to commencing any treatment.

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